20 Mar

Facebook removing their stalker apps

A number of applications on Facebook claim to show users who is viewing their profile and these are potentially¬†stalker¬†applications, Facebook says it will be ‘aggressively disabling’ them.

Facebook announced that these¬†applications don’t allow said functions and don’t work and to help spread the application’s¬†prominence,¬†unwitting¬†users have installed it. The applications, ‘Stalker Check” and “Who has visited my profile”; to name a few, have since¬†disappeared¬†from Facebook.

These applications are dangerous because once a user has installed it, the creators have potential to offer services such as advertising to make money; moreover, they can direct victims to websites containing viruses and other malicious software.

So the question still stands; Should Facebook introduce an application vetting process somewhat like Apple’s App Store?

Mark Zuckerberg’s (Facebook Founder) response to this question was, “Our philosophy is that having an open system anyone can participate in is generally better.”

Source – BBC

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