Please choose from the following forms of contact:

Q: How long can I receive free website maintenance after it has been delivered?

A: We provide 1 year maintenance of your website after we deliver it to you. You also have the option of receiving up to 5 minor upgrades to your website. These are all provided at no extra cost

Q: What formats are my graphic designs presented in?

A: You have the choice of any format and any resolution for your graphic designs. By default, we present designs in the following formats:
  • Vector: [.Ai / .VPS]
  • Lossless: [.PNG / .TIFF]
  • Lossy: [.JPEG]

By default, we present designs in the following resolutions:
  • Extra Extra Large [Generally: 4000×4000]
  • Extra Large
  • …to…
  • Extra Extra Small
  • Extra Extra Extra Small [Generally: 70×30]

By default, we also present designs in the following versions
  • Black and White
  • Original
  • Separated
  • Inverted

Q: How can I save money on your services

A: Saving money and enjoying healthy discounts are always a positive thing. During your relationship with us, we will ensure that you are made aware of any opportunity in which you can save.

You also have the opportunity to select one of our web design & development packages which enables you to receive discounts; as well as, other services free of charge.

Q: I am a non-profit organisation / charity seeking a website developed.

A: Please visit to find out how you can receive special discounts and premium services.

Q: What steps do you take in developing websites?

A: Please visit our web design process to find all the information on our web design and development processes.

Q: What steps do you take in developing graphic designs?

A: Please visit our graphic design process to find all the information on our development of logos, business cards, letterheads, flyers and other graphic designs.

Q: What makes IWD different from other web development companies?

A: We develop our websites to cater for the disabled by adding many usability and accessibility tools for those who require it. We also give 5% of our earnings from any and all our services to charity.

We’ve established to provide services for non-profit organisations (NOP’s), charities, students and select government bodies.

You can find out more about us as a company on our about us page.

Q: If my website goes down, how long will it take for it to be restored?

A: The answer to this is dependent on the what issue caused the website to go offline. As a customer, you receive free 24/7 support for your website and we are able to restore websites within an hour them going offline.

We take the necessary steps to ensure your company retains its SEO ranking and data during these processes.

Q: Where can I access all my files and documents?

A: We provide a ‘Client Area’ where you are able to sign in using your credentials and receive up-to-date information on the progress of our services. In the client area you have access to; timelines, activities, payment methods, upgrades, invoices, documents, files, personal information, discounts and more. At its forefront, you can access all the files and documents that pertain to the current services we provide.

Our client area is mobile-friendly and can be accessed from any device. Please visit our IWD Client Area and use your credentials to login or click on the ‘Client Area’ tab above to learn more.

Where can I download project files?

  • Our client area provides access to all the files related the services that we provide for you.
  • These files are available to you 24/7 and will always be available so long as you remain our customer.
  • These can be accessed via the Documents & Files tab.

Outstanding Invoices

  • You are able to view and download outstanding invoices via the client area.
  • Previous invoices and documents are also available for download.
  • These can be accessed via the Documents & Files tab.

Profile & Payment Methods

  • We’ve given you the option to update your contact information which we have for you.
  • You can also make payments for any outstanding invoices using this section.
  • Your information and payment methods are available via the Profile & Payment Methods tab.

Timelines and Agenda

  • The client area provides up-to-date information on our daily activities pertaining to our active service.
  • We also provide an overall percentage and graphs to support better accessibility.