Search Engine Optimisation

Internet Marketing is a fancy word for the promotion of a product or service to the audience of the internet. Becoming well established online is one of the best ways to ensure to reach as much of your market as possible.

One method of online marketing is with the use of Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. These all provide a free and reliable way to be found on the internet.

Search Engine Optimisation is the skill of optimising your website to enable search engines to easily find and search its pages.

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SEO techniques use keywords and phrases; as well as, properly structured content and tags which search engines use to uniquely identify your website. The better the use of these techniques is the higher your ranking will be – time and speed are also factors.

What does the SEO pacakge incude?

Our search engine optimisation package includes a few features packed into one complete package. All of these features are necessairy for a complate service but you may choose to have them done individually.

With each SEO package, we include:

  • Detailed reports

  • Performance Upgrades

  • Keyword Optimisation

  • Content Modification and Advice